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Chicken on the Grill


We are eating a lot of chicken these days cause our doctors and diets are telling
us that this is the right piece of meat to eat. Less fat, better for you, less cholesterol, and the good stuff associated with chicken. But in order to really enjoy eating chicken we all need to learn a few different ways to cook and even have fun cooking chicken or we are going to burn out on eating it.


No more dry breasts! Instead, how about some moist, tender, evenly cooked,
skinless, boneless chicken breasts, weather grilled or smoked? Fillet/butterfly

As you know one end of the breast is much thicker than the other. By cutting each breast through the middle you will have two pieces that of even thickness that promote even cooking and shorter cooking times.

Once breasts are cut in half simply place them in a bowl and add about one cup of Zesty Italian Salad Dressing adding about 1/3 cup of Texas bbq Rub, Grand
Champion. Mix well and let soak in mixture for about one hour. Remove and place
on grill or smoker. If grilling, you will need to stay near your grill turning
breast every few minutes. If smoking, a tempeture of 225* will give you a great
meal in about 30-40 minutes. Using either method the internal tempeture of the
meat needs to be 162-165. Trust me, you will love this dish.

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