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BBQ Meatloaf

A Quick And Easy Meal You Can Cook On Your Pit

When it’s too hot to cook inside…Get out on the porch! We cooked this quick and
crowd pleasing dish in on our Treager Grill/Smoker. Some good ground meat
(turkey, venison/pork, or beef) will make a great meatloaf. Garden fresh veggies
only add to this dish. No big clean-up mess either. Simple recipe, all ingredients
can go in a foil pan, mix well, throw on your pit. Smoke to get that wonderful
flavor in it or cover with foil if no smoke is desired. This can also be cooked
inside in your oven if you can’t get outside. A small amount of liquid smoke
can be added for the smoke flavor.

A great tailgate food or even when you’re camping. Use a small foil pan or
larger, depending on the size of your crowd. Don’t worry about leftovers. If
there is any they will be even better the next day. Trust me, this is not like
any meatloaf you had before.


Beef Brisket


There is nothing much better in bbq then a properly cooked beef brisket.  Hands down the most challenging piece of meat to cook of all. Even though each brisket may cook different, the key to cooking a great beef brisket is to start with the right ingredients. You will need to find a nice piece of meat to cook, then have the right BBQ rub or BBQ seasoning for the meat (and I suggest Texas BBQ Rub Brisket Rub, you can find them at (, and then have your smoker or cooker ready to cook for the required time.