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Holiday BBQ With Award Winning Rub

We have used Texas BBQ Rub (six time winner of the rub contest at the American Royal) for many years and it has rewarded us very well, in both catering and competetion cooking.  The key to great bbq is keeping it simple, good meat, and a great dry rub.  Visit You will learn plenty about bbq and ALL their great products.  Sign up for the newsletter and you will recieve great seasonal bbq tips and recipes.

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Hope you enjoy our little video and feel free to leave us comments/questions.


Don’t Throw Nothing Away….BBQ It!

Ok, for those of us that have the problem of buying a whole brisket and it turns out to be to big to fit on our pit………..”Decapitate it!”

Yesterday I picked up two 14 pound packers and they turned out to be about 4-5 inches to long for my pit.  I just simply cut that much off the point end.  Perfect fit.

Don’t throw trimmings away.  With very little effort they can turn into some really good eating.

I took the two chunks of point that I cut off my briskets, moistened them up with Worcestershire Sauce and rubbed them down real good with “Texas Wild” from Texas bbq rub.  Throwed them on pit and cooked at 250* until internal temp reached 200*-205*.  No foil, cooked open the entire 4-5 hours.  Great tasting bark on the outside, fat remdered, with tender, flavorful, and juicy meat inside.

I sliced them, laid a few slices on a big ole wheat bun then spread a nice layer of Dijon Mustard over the slices.  Man, that was a great sammie for sure.  Next time I’ll be sure to have a big Red Onion to slice up.

Save all your trimmings from whatever your cooking.  You can make something out of them.  “Dijon Burnt End Sammies” hit the spot while the briskets were still cooking.